Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Focus back on family

On Monday, Admir and I took the girls to see Legends of the Guardians in 3-D. The movie is fantastic, but it was the sense that we are getting back to what's most important to us as a family that felt really great. Spending time together, having fun and connecting. Have you hugged your family today?

Making a few extra bucks from my kitchen table

In addition to the income I earn as a real estate apprentice, I write and read articles for various websites. I am fully aware that doing so will not make me filthy rich tomorrow, but I can earn a little extra cash for special projects now and then. I sell some stuff on EBay, I read articles at Readbud and I post product and other reviews at Epinions. I also write articles for Associated Content from time to time. These things provide me with a little pocket change and give me a sense of accomplishment.