Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love conquers all..

It is a truth in my life. When I look back on the past few months I see what was at the heart of all of my contempt for the world and everyone in it. It was a pretty alarming realization that I hadn't given much, if any effort to love ~ not to myself, not to others. I was too busy just trying to get through my life day after day. I never actually gave any thought to it at all.

Now that doesn't mean I didn't love anyone - it just means I did not focus on the energy of love and all of the good that brings with it. It wasn't until I actually stopped and allowed myself to focus on that love and energy of love that it took hold. It is amazing how this transforms mind, body and spirit.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 ~ Emphasis on the Happy

I think it has been pretty evident that there are area's of my life that were a bit out of whack for a while. I have spent so much time in chaos and fear in the last few months and it just drained so much of my life energy.

I am approaching the New Year with a fresh perspective. One of love, peace, and forgiveness. I have been bitter, resentful, angry for far to long. I let it seep into every area of my life and even affect my self-esteem on some level.

I am not this person and I do not want to ever see her again. I have to come from a different place - a more loving and peaceful place. I recognized that I need to change and let go of all negative thought processes that have taken a strong hold and made me their prisoner for so long.

It felt good to let it all go. Time to focus on what is truly important in life. Life is too short and I want to make sure I am around for my children and Grandchildren far into the future. $50 discount