Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It is a Big World and a Big life - get out there and live it...

I am back!!! Truth be told, I was never really gone - I just went into hiding for a while. It wasn't a good idea for me to do some reflecting and some work on me. So I did. I'll never measure up to the standards that some people set (everyone has their own ideas and opinions) yet I'm good with who I am right now and who I am becoming. If you are putting yourself out there you will always have critics and haters and those who want to drag you down. At the same time, you will have great friends who will support, love, and lift you up. Those are the relationships you should be looking to cultivate and grow. The human experience is amazing as long as we keep our thoughts positive, know where we are going and stay and surround ourselves with positive people.

The negative thinking people will eventually either come around to your way of thinking, or disappear from your life. It is a great help to remember to concentrate on contributing something positive to the world, and those around you, each and every day. When your outlook on life changes possibilities begin to show themselves and your heart opens. It's helpful to have some pretty lofty goals to motivate you. I still do - for now those are kept in my journal. Once I meet or exceed them - I'll share them. We are all made for greatness; we have to cultivate that in ourselves first before we can help anyone else.

In the words of the great Wayne Dwyer  “Self-actualized people are independent of the good opinion of others.”