Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pertinacious Spirit

Have you ever met someone who - despite all odds and obstacles - hangs in there and always bounces back no matter the situation or circumstances? These folks are the Pertinacious. Have you ever watched the Film "What about Bob?" Bob - although not without issue is quite pertinacious (admittedly in a way his therapist is appalled and annoyed by)of course this is what also makes the film funny. I'm not suggesting you be pertinacious in stalking. I am suggesting you should be pertinacious in the pursuit of your dreams.

Take time to figure out what your dreams are and then start moving in that direction, a step at a time each day getting a closer than the day before. It helps to sit quietly in the morning and visualize how it will feel to achieve your dream. See yourself there and keep moving in that direction - when you know the what, you will figure out the how. Once you have the basic idea of the how, you can break it into a series of daily tasks.


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