Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School Shopping with Teens

Shopping with teens is sometimes tricky. The teenage years are when our kids start discovering their uniqueness and experimenting with different styles. My youngest child (13) has recently expressed a desire to dye her hair blond. Parents walk a fine line between being needed and being pushed away. Teens need more emotional support and bonding with family and friends during this crucial time in their lives. As parents we need to understand and support them, yet leave them alone when they pull-away and need space.

Back-to- School shopping is a whole new experience with a teen. Sometimes they hate what you love and you hate what they love, this is natural, albeit frustrating. The best way to handle these differences in style and taste are to council and conciliate. Be a friend, yet be firm. Discourage bad choices without being overly critical by making a joke. Ask why they choose the item, which will give you insight enough to help guide and make suggestions.

Tips for a successful Back-to-School shopping trip are:

1. Let them know the budget and work together to stay within it.

2. Compromise, you may not like all of their choices but be sure to accentuate the positive choices and let them know why “Purple is a great color on you, it compliments your eyes.”

3. You still have final say over what is purchased, if you feel something is too inappropriate just let them know that you are not going to buy it. Suggest they can buy it with their own money (if they have savings or a job).

4. Post shopping lunch or dinner. Choose a place you both enjoy. If you tell them know ahead of time, it may be a great incentive for them to be more mindful and compliant with what they know you will approve, it can also help complete the trip in a reasonable amount of time by encouraging decisiveness.

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