Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Curled up on my new sofa enjoying my new life...

I still feel like it is all a dream. We all feel like we are in heaven in the new place. Every room is carpeted including the stairs with the exception of only the kitchen and bathrooms. No more creeking noises when anyone comes down or goes up the stairs.

The disposer and dishwasher and oven all work. It smells of fresh paint - ever so slightly. Everyone is committed to doing their part and keeping everything in it's proper place. I can cook and bake and clean to my hearts desire. We are all toasty warm.

Sadly enough, it is almost as though we forgot what it was like in a place where everything works, and should something break, we just call and the maintenance crew will come and fix it. This is the way life should be.

I know I didn't get here alone My Investor trusting me with the work and paying me accordingly and my husband too all played a huge roll in our transition. God brought him into our lives when we were searching for someone to work with who had integrity. We had been played so many times before, but this time was the real deal. 

We will always be loyal to our benefactor and anything he needs in the business - we will be there to do.

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